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The L.I.C.
You need more clean gain, you need more drive ....
Here is the L.I.C. (Last In Chain)
The dual booster from Gamin’3.
The first channel is a very dynamic crunch booster witch retains the characteristics of your instrument, just like a good overdriven tube amp.
The second channel is the same one as the Push-uP, a very low noise clean booster with an efficient tone control.
This booster reproduces the most subtle nuances of your playing with more power and more definition.
Pushed a bit it produces a slight rectifier type compression while a bit further a pleasant harmonic distortion develops.
You can use each channel separate or you can use them both for more drive or more volume.  

PRICE: 209 euros




FET booster
Maximum gain 24db (both)
True bypass

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