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The "LPS fuzz" is a versatile fuzz that offers thick and precise sounds.
The circuit is equipped with a "buffer" located before the clipping stage. This system maintains constant volume and texture even if the pedal is used after a vintage wha-wha. Response to volume and tone knobs on the guitar is thereby also optimized.
The "bias" knob can gradually move from a warm and crispy sound to a full and insicive texture.
Each knob has been calibrated to be used over the entire range.
With the button "fuzz" turned counterclockwise we get a clean boost whose color is adjustable with the "bias". Turned clockwise it offers singing fuzz tones with long sustain.  

PRICE: 169 euros




Silicium fuzz
Silicium clipping
Bias control
Pre-gain buffer
True bypass

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